Monday, January 3, 2011

Things I learned in 2010

1. Anerobic training can actually make you slow! - David Tenney & Patrick Ward

Thanks to David Tenney and Patrick Ward for all their help and information about optimal energy system development for most field and court sports. I learn that most are alactic-aerobic, and that HITT is for the most part, not as necessary as we were lead to believe. Cosgroves pendulum analogy comes to mind.

Tenney went on say (on the strengthcoach podcast) that players who had done alot of HITT were very good at going at 80-85% throughout a whole game, but lacked optimal fitness of the alactic system to continually make very short all out max effort accelerations throughout a game. This is due to their previous conditioning being too anerobic focused, an not enough alactic-aerobic focused.

2. Aerobic training can help get you faster! - Tenney & Ward

Again thanks to the two men above again for helping me to understand the importance of the aerobic system in the recovery period bewteen bouts of alactic work. The stronger the aerobic system the faster you can recovery for you next alactic effort.

3. Hard core and soft core - Gray Cook

I finally grasp this concept, I think

Soft core - reflexive, correct timing

Hard core - conscious, bracing

4. Nothing beats in the trenches experience - Me

This year I started up my own business and facility, and its been a priceless experience.

I have to be honest and say that when I use to hear people say "you can read all the books you want but nothing beats real life in the trenches experience". I used to be like "come on that has to be a bit of an over the top statement." I was wrong.

Sure you do need to know the science, but you sure as hell better know how to put it all into practice and know when and how to adapt it for every indivdual.

As my first mentor in this field (Martina McCarthy) said - "Applied Knowledge is power, not just knowledge!"

Here some clips from 2010 at Ultimate Performance


5. Sleep is very, very important - Paul Chek

6. Muscle Energy Techniques are very effective - Me (learned for Leon Chaitow)

7. Penedulum Core Theory - Charlie Weingroff

8. Most flexibility issues are motor control problems - Gray Cook

9. Nutrition is extremely indivdual - William Walcott

10. You can get stronger and bigger on a fasting style eating plan - Me

Yes I did this for the last 6 months, and am bigger, stronger and leaner then I ever have been before. But keep number 9 in mind. This works for me. It may not work for you, and could be a disaster for someone else.

11. The female Brain - Louann Brizendine
Great book.

12. Joe DeFrancos Montage is badass - Me

13. Fascia is 10 times more proprioceptive then mucsle - Tom Myers

14. Block Periodization - Vladimir Issurin

Read the book, and watching the DVD helped. Basically high level athletes get to a point where concurrently training all qualities will no longer improve their performance, as they are not getting enough stimulation of any one quality to continue to improve.

They need to start putting more focus on just one quality. The use of training residuals are also a big component of the block periodization model.

15. Glenn Pendlay's teaching of the Hang Clean - Glenn Pendlay

This is so simple. I have been using this technique to teach the hang clean for the past 6 weeks, and I have had unbelievable success! I have had numerous athletes cleaning perfectly after 1 session with Pendlays teaching technique.

16. Remembering a persons name is important - Dale Carnegie

17. Viscerosomatic and somatovisceral dysfunction - Judith DeLany

Viscerosomatic - Organ dysfunction producing pain in soft tissue, or a joint (eg, gallbladder dysfunction can refer pain into the shoulder and mimic frozen shoulder).

somatovisceral - oppossite to above. Soft tissue structure referring pain to a gland or organ that is supplied on the same level segmentally.

There are a number of other relex mechanisms. Chaitow and DeLanys Textbook is worth a look. Also Goggle scholar will have a lot of good infomation.

18. Al Vermeil is one knowledgeable coach! - Me

I was lucky enough to hear him speak at Perform Better in Rhode Island. He seriously knows his stuff. What I also love about Al too is that he has 'live it'. He not knows he shit inside out, but has coach a lot of athletes!

There probably is a lot more things, but right now these are what come to mind.

What did you learn in 2010?

Stay Strong,


  1. I want to sit down and Skype with you sometime soon. Email me and let me know when you are free.

  2. Nice list my friend...learning about the Female Brain is one of the most powerful things you can do. It relates to business, personal, and social success.

  3. Robbie- where can I get info on the Pendlay coaching method?