Sunday, January 16, 2011

Product Review: Training = Rehab, Rehab = Training

Finally Charlie's DVD arrived!

One word = AWESOME

Charlie is an outstanding presenter. He is going to big huge at perform better. He humour and wit throughout DVD along with all the outstanding information was priceless.

The opening DVD, Charile explains the Joint By Joint briefy, before expanding on the advanced joint by joint, and the core pendulum theory.

Disc 2, Charlie talks about his opinion's on the core, Janda's work, and the importance of PNF patterns.

Disc 3 Charlie talks about the FMS and how it relates to neuro-developmental patterns, and than introduces us to the SFMA.

Disc 4-6 are monsters.

4 - is the SFMA practical, and corrective exercises

5 - Charlie goes over some of Janda's upper, lower, and then rolling corrections

6 - Charlie takes us into the gym, and teaches deadlift, swing, chop & lift, and the get up.

Things I took away:

Charlies Plan:

Charlies whole plan with this DVD set was for the Strength coach and personal trainer to have more tools in their toolbox to fix dysfunctional - non-painful with a client who may have pain, while they are concurrently working with a medical professional who will now have more time to work on whats painful (whether functional or dysfunctional), with the client.


Some things that stood out where breathing a certains points throughout a movement to see if you could "own" the movement.

Your hands are feet:

Charlie believes (along with many others) that at once stage during our evolution we were on all fours. His technique at teaching the push up was not entirely new to me, but it made me realize that I have gotten lasy when coaching this exercise.

Neck Packing:

Again not new to me, as I have heard Charlie speak about this many times. But again like with the push up above, I need to do a better job coaching it.

Hip Flexor Stretch:

I was doing this all wrong. Thanks Charlie for humbling me on this one!!

Oral and Facial drivers:

Again something I have heard Charlie speak about before, and have read about in Chaitow's MET book. Still it was great to see the improvements with some of the movements on the DVDs when these strategies were employed.

A better road map with Pain:

I have only just started to understand the SFMA through Grays new book, and Charlies DVDs. Now I feel like I have a much better roadmap when dealing with pain. I am not a PT (yet), I am an NMT, so I do see people in pain often. The SFMA is in my mind an outstanding model to help guide your plan of action when pain is present. This is something I did not have before. I feel now after reading movement, and watching Charlies DVDs that I have a far superior approach than I have ever had before when pain is present.

Pain - Use SFMA
Treatment - Take away the negative
Corrective - Mobility (if it is needed), lock it in with stability, pattern.

The treatment area is where it can be different. This is where different techniques can be use to try to get the same results (MET, Graston, HVLT, PR, ART, etc).

The corrective exercise component is where a lot of clinicans miss the boat. Even if they do give exercises they are usually isolation ones, and do not "get after" and try and fix a pattern. This is where the FMS, and SFMA corrective strategies rein supreme.

As Gray teaches in Movement, pain maybe gone, but dysfucntion may still be present.


This DVD set really put a lot that I had in my head together. This is without question one of the best educational resources I have ever brought. And no I have absolutely so affiliation to this product whatsoever. I just want it to be known that this DVD set is a must have for every strength coach, personl trainer, physical therapist, chiropractor, NMT, osteopath, surgeon, etc.

Charlie Weingroff is the man.

Stay Strong,

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  1. Hi Robbie, how things? I was thinking about getting Charlie's DVD - did you order from his website?

    So you know Dwain McGuinness - he's at UEL with me.

    Matt Smith