Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Weekend with Judith Delany

As I move into the final 10 months of my H Dip NMT program with the NTC, I had the pleasure of be meeting and learning from Judith DeLany this weekend. DeLany is of course the co-author of the Clinical Applications of Neuromuscular Technique with Dr. Chaitow.

This weekends topic was the lower extremity.

Friday 7-10pm

We discussed the anatomy of the thigh,leg, and foot.

Saturday 9-5pm

Saturday we treated the anterior thigh and leg. Judith show us that the anterior fibres of glute medius, and minimus come right around the outer aspect of the ASIS, and underneath TFL. TFL is a lot bigger than I orginally thought also.

Judith also told us that she questions why would we want to try and get the ITB "less tight" by treating it. She believes the ITB is might to be taut to add stability to the knee. She believes that the tenderness experience with the ITB is actually the fibres of the vastus lateralis.

We finished the day we some basic techniques for the lower leg.

Sunday 9-5pm

We treated posterior thigh, leg, and foot. Judith showed us an awesome technique to treat the adductor magnus in a prone position. She taught us to displace the medial hamstrings off the adductor magnus. This according to Judith can really help with pelvic floor issues(as adductors can refer into pelvic floor) and low back issues.

We also treated the posterior leg, and pick up some good techniques for plantaris, and popliteus.

We finished the day with some anatomy, palpation and treatment of the feet.

All in all a very enjoyable weekend.

Stay Strong,


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