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The Real Food Summit is now on sale

The Real Food Summit is now up for Sale. It is well worth the $67 for the information you get.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Understand rather than condemn

There are days when humanity can get me down. But for the most part there is always a voice in the back of my head telling me to dig in and fight on.

You know its not so much all the bad shit that goes on in the world that gets me, its the fact people always condemn, but never realize that they need to understand. Why does someone murder someone, or rape someone, or blow something up?

Nobody is born into the world with hatred in their hearts. These emotions are learned through environment. Everyone is a VICTIM of THEIR CULTURE. If you are from North Korea, you are taught to hate American's, if you are American you are made to believe that Al Qaeda are pure evil, and vice versa. Victims of their culture! See the fact is you can never really condemn anyone when you know this. You need to understand why people are the way they are!


You think a certain guy is.... well.... is an asshole. But the reality is though that this guy got the shit kicked out of him by his drunk of a father (and we need to ask why was the father a drunk in the first place also?) throughout his entire childhood. Do you think this guy thinks the world is such an awesome place.

Also he was brought up on poor nutrition, which didn't help his physical and mental development either, and plus his parents where also both malnourished themselves long before they even conceived him, so he was already malnourished in the pre-natal period. This guy never had a chance.

With regards to people who commit aweful crimes, we need to understand that these are damaged human beings at a molecular level. They have serious biochemical issues within their brains. They also have some of the most serious nutritional deficiencies out of all populations. This is the same with drug addicts, and alcoholics. These people are mediating serious biochemical issues, and nutrient deficiencies with their addictions. Trying to "talk" these issues away is futile. You cannot not fix biochemical issues with just talking.

When you study the work of Bruce Lipton, Joesph Chilton Peace, Jacque Fresco, Weston A. Price, Joan Mattews Larson, and Paul Chek, you will be blown away. When you study how the environment shapes who we become, when you study the subconscious and conscious minds, when you study how the child's brain is mean't to develop, when you study how important healthy soil is to our health, when you study how important proper nutrition is, you begin to realize that you need to understand, and NOT condemn.

You need to ask why? Not pass a judgement. And even when you find yourself passing a judgement, or making a statement, or giving an opinion. Ask yourself this? Is this really you passing this judgement, or making this statement, or giving this opinion, or is it your environment? Is this the ignorance of your indoctrination from your environment. This again goes back to something I always say and feel very strongly about. THINK FOR YOURSELF!

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Real Food Summit

Just in case you are not aware Sean "the man " Croxton's Real Food Summit Starts tomorrow make sure you registered for the event, It is going to be jammed packed with great health and wellness information

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