Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Question on Program Rationale

Hear was a readers question with regards to the Na Fianna Senior Football Strength Program Phase 1

Robbie can you give us more info on this program - hate to sound like a broken record but the context around it is important.
Who are these athletes, what is goal of this phase, etc.


My reply:

Glad you asked.

The program is for a Gaelic Football team with little experience with a structured strength Program.

I must add that this is still not the same program for everyone. Some will not bench due to shoulder pathologies, and everyone will have different mobility as fillers due to whatever mobility and movement deficiencies need the most work, etc.

The overall goals for this phase are corrections of FMS patterns in the warm up, technique, and general work capacity.

Also the exercise selection in Phase 1 is to prepare the lads for the slightly more advanced variations of phase 2.


Phase 1: BB RDL - Phase 2 Convential Deadlift
Rational: The hardest part for beginners to learn in the deadlift is how to return the bar to the floor. BB RDL teaches this, as well as a proper hip hinge.

Phase 1: DB/KB Goblet Reverse Lunge - Phase 2: BB Reverse Lunge
Rational: DB/KB Goblet Reverse Lunge teaches proper body position for Phase 2 with the bar

Phase 1: DB/KB Goblet RFE SS - Phase 2: BB RFE SS
Rational: DB/KB Goblet RFE SS teaches proper body position for Phase 2 with the bar.

With beginners I like to use a accummulation, intensification periodization scheme.

4 weeks - higher volume/ slighter lower intensity
4 weeks - lower volume/ higher intensity

With more adavnced guys. I like a block style approach or a modified concurrent where one quality is emphasized and others are maintained. But most people I train just need to move better and get stronger.


Stay Strong,


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