Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dry Needling Course

Dr.Joe Donnelly, Me, and Chris Alejandro

Sorry for not be very productive on the blog. Things are busy at UP.

Last weekend (Dec 5-6), I completed my National Qualification in Trigger Point Dry Needling the course was held by the National Training Centre (NTC). I would highly recommend any Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) and Dry Needling course by the NTC.

The course was run over two weekends. Our course instructors were John Sharkey, Chris Alejandro, and Dr. Joe Donnelly from Alanta in US. All were very helpful throughout the course.

Dr. Joe and I discussed about Gray Cooks work, and about him (Dr Joe) meeting and studing with Dr. Janda, and Karl Lewit. Joe also had a close relationship with David Simons, co-author of the myofascial pain and dysfucnction textbooks with Dr. Travell.

Overall a great 4 days of learning. I would like to thank the NTC for their excellent course standards, and also to my friends from the course who were great craic throughout the entire course!

Stay Strong,