Friday, September 30, 2011

My Training 2

Last 4 weeks:

Day 1:

A: Box Squat Wk1-3 4x(4x2) 10secs Wk4 OMIT

B: BB Reverse Lunge off Step Wk1-3 3x10 Wk 2x10

C: BB RDL Wk1-Wk4 2x12

Day 2:

A: Bench Press Wk1-3 4x(4x2) 10secs Wk4 OMIT

B1: Supinated Grip Chin Ups Wk 1-3 4x8-10 Wk 4 2x8
B2: BB Military Press 4x10 Wk4 2x10

C1: TRX Rows - Neutral Grip Wk1-3 3x15 Wk4 2x15
C2: FE Push Ups Wk1 -3 3x15 Wk4 2x15

Day 3:

A: Hang Cleans Wk1-3 4x(3x2) 10secs Wk4 OMIT

B: TBDL Wk1-3 4x8 Wk4 2x8

C: Front Foot Elevated DB Split Squat Wk1-3 3x10 Wk4 2x10

Day 4:

A: Neutral Grip Chin Up Wk1 10x2, Wk2 6x2, Wk3 12x2, Wk4 OMIT

B1: 3 PT DB Row - Neutral Grip Wk1-3 3x10-12 Wk4 2x10-12
B2: Incline DB Press - Pronated Grip Wk1-3 3x10-12, Wk4 2x10-12

C1: Standing Overhead Curl and Press Wk1-4 2x15
C2: BB Bent Over Row - Pronated Grip Wk1-4 2x15

Changed it up on the day.

Stay Strong,

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