Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Degeneration of a Nation!!

2011 has been a very good year for me from an educational stand-point, particularly in the fields of health, fitness, and emotional well being.

I have come to realize many things.


First and foremost NUTRITION is SO IMPORTANT for every aspect of every single human’s life on this planet. The problem is many do not have a clue when it comes to how to optimally fuel they body, to enhance their physical and mental well being.

Now while there are still disagreements among some of the authors and experts on what is optimal nutrition? I think it is safe to say two things, 1) no one nutritional lifestyle (notice I didn’t say diet) suits all, and 2) Eat real food.

What you put into your system dictates who you are going to be. You are literally WHAT YOU EAT! Nutrition is NOT JUST ABOUT your physical health, it also has a huge impact on your emotional and mental well being. If you are feeding yourself with foods that you have an unsuspecting allergy to (gluten, pasteurized dairy etc), this maybe what is making and keeping you depressed.

I know this first hand. I got an over intolerance to dairy that had my mood all over the place. Since giving it up I feel SO MUCH better. I feel better both physically and mentally.

It makes me sad to look around and see how unhealthy and unhappy so many people in Ireland are! I see so many people who just look so unhappy and think I can really help you!! I feel like telling them about Sean Croxton and underground wellness, Gray Cook and movement, Mike Boyle and Joint by Joint, the corruption of the food, medical, and pharmaceutical industries, and about all the vast information that is out there on nutrition, everything from people like Gary Taubes, Robb Wolf, Art DeVany, Lierre Keith, Sally Fallon, Thomas Cowen, Dr. Michael Eades, Rudolf Steiner, TS Wiley, Paul Chek, Matt Stone, Dr. Thomas O’Bryan, Dr. William Davis, Dr. Catherine Shanahan, Doug Kauffman, Julie Mattews, Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, and many more. I have also read Dean Ornish, the China Study, and Joel Furman’s books and while I agree with some of what they say, I still believe Fat is essential for health, Organic meat and wild fish are superfoods, and that grains are for most people a poor choice of food.

I also want tell people about all the bullshit that we are lead to believe!! Like what I stated above that, fat is bad, grains are good, and that meat causes cancer. I feel like telling people that Ancel Keyes research for the lipid hypothesis was aweful science. I feel like telling people to watch Dr. Thomas O'Bryans DVD on Gluten sensitivity, and read "Wheat Belly" and "Dangerous Grains". I want to tell people that organic grass finished meat is a superfood. I feel like telling parents who have kids with ADHD, and autism that their child’s problems may just be a nutritional one, and to read the work of Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, and Julie Mattews.

I want to tell my father that his is literally killing himself with the way he is living is life! I want my friend to realize that her anxiety and asthma is due to her poor lifestyle. I want my house-mates to realize that they are always sick and have health problems because of the shit they put into the bodies everyday.

Now The Drugs Don’t Work

I look around see humans who physically look so undeveloped from malnutrition, and who look depressed and fed up because of their poor nutrition, and then these people go to a health care system that is controlled by drug companies, and get given a prescription that will likely make them even more sick. Doctors should be treating people with nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle approaches NOT with FUCKIN DRUGS. Its a disgrace.

People say to me, “ye but people don’t care they just want a quick fix”, yes this is true because this is the environment that we are been brought up in. If we were brought up in an environment that taught us humans about REAL health, this wouldn’t be the case!

Just remember the health care system is run by the drugs companies. These drugs companies are a BUSINESS, and HEALTHY PEOPLE ARE NOT GOOD FOR PROFIT!!!!

Agriculture is failing!!

Our earths soil is so depleted, thus are nutrition is sub-optimal from the get-go. Modern Agriculture has destroyed the earth’s top-soil. Fossil fuels are being use to fertilize the soil, like what the FUCK?? Cows are being fed grains, artificial feed, and bone meal (in the US anyway) for some reason even though cows are herbivores!! This is producing sick unhealthy and depressed cows that need to be pumped with anti-biotic’s to stay alive! The meat from these cows will make you sick, so I agree with T Colin Campbell that factory raise meat is not good for you at all!

Agriculture is also the most toxic by-product to the environment. We need to as Rudolf Steiner would say “heal and revitalize the earth”. Steiner wrote a lecture series called “Biodynamic Agriculture” which is a form of a agriculture that will help to heal the soil, which in turn will help to produce healthy crops, and healthy animals for us humans to eat, so we then can reach optimal health, both physically and mentally.

“Mans lack of spiritually development is due to poor nutrition” – Rudolf Steiner

Movement Quality!!

Athletes and patients come to me and wonder why they are injured, and I feel like throwing Gray Cooks Performance Pyramid at them. I feel like screaming you are injury because your movement quality is shit, because you do a fuckin’ job that you hate for one thing, and that also has you sitting for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, to pay off for shit you dont even need!

We are not designed to do shit like that. I mean sitting for 35+ hours a week, and this doesn’t even include, sitting in your car, couch, or toilet (as you struggle to push one out because your has GI tract problems from your stress levels and gluten sensitivity)!


Sleep more, in a dark room, with NO ELECTRICS on. Read Disconnects by Derva Lee Davis. Also read TS Wiley’s book ‘Lights out’.

People's sleeping rhythm is all over the place. People can’t sleep at night because of their chronic stress levels, and spending the night time surrounded by bright lights that prevents them for relaxing their autonomic nervous system to be able to sleep.


This "degeneration of a nation" as I call it is extremely sad to watch. Its sad in that its so preventable!! But as stated above HEALTHY PEOPLE ARE NOT GOOD FOR PROFIT! I promise I will do my best to keep fighting the good fight, and keep helping as many people as I can by directing them to the resources from where I have learned so much. You then can make your own mind up and come to your own conclusions.

I do not mean to make this blog post of "I am right", and almost "everyone else is wrong", sort of thing. As I stated above I just want people to beware of the really great information out there that may very well save their life!!

If there is one thing I want you to take away from this blog post it is this - QUESTION EVERYTHING! Even as you read this blog post question me and what I believe. Do your own research and FORM YOUR OWN OPINION! DON'T BLINDLY FOLLOW THE STATUS QUO!! As Jacque Fresco would say don’t be "a victim of your culture".

I will leave you with this quote:

"Don’t take authority as the truth, take truth as the authority”

Stay Strong,


  1. I agree wholeheartedly about wild fish and grass fed meat being superfoods. However, deforestation to graze cattle and over-fishing are two HUGE problems.

    I'm not a vegetarian or vegan, but encouraging more plant based food consumption would likely be more environmentally friendly - especially when you consider the resources that go into meat - oil (for transport, heating and the like), water etc.

    As the population grows, this will become more of an issue.

    Most other stuff you have nailed.

    I've personally found doing a "brain dump" onto a pad of paper before bedtime very helpful to a good night's sleep.

  2. Nick read the Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith who was a vegan for 20 years. She dispells the myth that be a vegetarian is better for the environment.

  3. Robbie,

    I don't see how encouraging people to eat more fish and meat is sustainable?

    We are already over fishing (or at least close to it), and at the moment, the only way we can produce enough meat (at a reasonable price) is to feed them grain - grazing cattle, whilst I agree is far healthier for both people and the environment would likely lead to a sharp increase in price in meat.

    Food for thought (pun not intended).

    Also, have a look at this, a bit sensationalist, but still interesting, especially the part mentioning that Australians consume 66 barrels of oil per year each via food:

  4. I agree.

    But it could be sustainable if we (meaning everyone in the world had the same goal for the planet and the health of its people, which will never happen), could put all money and resources into sustainable agriculture, instead of putting it into, war, drugs, oil, etc.

    Check out the Venus Project by Jacque Fresco. He believes we have the resources to do it if we all really wanted to. But as I said its unlikely to happen.

    Anyway the point I was more so trying to make was that being a vegetarian isn't better for the environment for reason Keith points out in her book.

  5. Yeah, I wasn't trying to argue that.

    I think as usual, we agree on 95% of things, and it's only on minor details that we differ in opinion.

  6. Your dead right my man.

    Cheers for your input and checking the blog.

    Appreciate it Nick ;-)