Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What a Week!

From L-R: Connor Ryan, Robbie Bourke, Stephen Bennett, Cedric Unholz, Steve Bunker.

Sorry for the lack of activated on the blog. I am just home from Boston after attending the Perform Better Summit. It was a hectic week, not only did I attend the Summit but I met up with all the guys from MBSC. It was great to meet all of the guys again.

I travelled over with my friend and Strength Coach Stepten Bennett, and we met up with Australian Strength coach Cedric Unholz in Boston.

A big shout out to Steve "Bunkie" Bunker, and all of his family for all of their generosity during our stay. Also to Connor Ryan for the ride back on Sunday to Winchester, and for just being " a sound man"!.

The summit itself was great, and it was nice to finally put some faces to some names. It was wonderful that Cedric and I got the chance to have a full blown conversion about training and re-hab with Charlie Weingroff on Saturday night. That was an education in itself. Thanks Charlie.

Also a big thanks to Mike Boyle for accommodation at Rhode Island, and to Anthony Renna for Fridays after party.

As for the actually presentations, I need to listen back to my voice recorder, and look over my notes.



  1. Sounds like an adventure Robbie!
    Looking forward to hearing more about it.
    Btw... what voice recorder do you use? Is it effective from a distance? I think I may need to invest in one!

  2. Howard I use an Olymplus Voice recorder. It is one of the best thing I have ever bought. I was listening to all the lectures from the summit again today.