Friday, June 18, 2010

Plate Loaded Single Leg Deadlift

Here is a plate loaded version of a single leg deadlift (SLDL) that I use with some beginners who have difficulty with a dumbell version.

1 Arm Plate SLDL

I find with some beginners that when I load them with a dumbbell they have trouble keeping their shoulder of the arm with the dumbell retacted. What I see is the shoulder come from into protraction, which can cause some rotation and some flexion of the thoracic spine. I find too that beginners think they need to go lower down when performing an SLDL, then they really need too. This can cause some beginners to go into some rotation and flexion of the thoracic also.

All the above can lead to an ugly lookin' SLDL.

I find with the plate loaded version that beginners hold better form. The plates vector of weight is easier to control than that of a dumbbell. It feels very similiar to a kettlebell, as it drops straight toward the floor. Also with the plates diameter, it stops beginners going too far down when performing a SLDL, as it tips the floor. This stops beginners going into too much thoracic rotation and flexion.

Give it a try.

Stay Strong,


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