Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trying to improve speed!

Ah! God bless their little hearts. With their weight vests, and bungee chords and whatever other gadgets they had.

A group of players the other day who do little to no gym work went out to do a "speed session". You know to get faster and all that jazz ;-)

Little do they know that if you want to get faster you need to get STRONGER first and foremost. And before you can get Stupid strong you better have some level of movement quality!

Speed and moreso improving acceleration as we know from Peter Weylands research is about the FORCE THAT YOU CAN PUT INTO THE GROUND. The STRONGER you are the MORE FORCE you can produce into the ground. Sir Issac Newtons 3rd law - " for ever action, there is an equal and opposite re-action". Good man Issac. Ive always said that your a sound man!

So lads listen up. Put your little gadgets and magic fairy dust aside, and get into the weightroom. You really want to know why you're slow. Its call "a severe case of weakness!" So get strong, AFTER you have the movement quality in place to do so.

So in summary - To improve your speed

1) Improve movement quality to at least the minimum of the industry standard which for me is the FMS
2) Get strong
3) Get more Powerful
4) Work Acceleration Techniques

The End!

Stay Strong,


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