Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Book Review: The Fungus Link

This was a book I heard Paul Chek recommend on the Underground Wellness Podcast show, which if you are not subscribed too, you need to subscribe NOW! Do it.....!!

This is a very interesting book by Doug Kaufmann. Kaufmann speaks about the role of fungal infections in human disease and illness, and makes that point that a fungal infection is nearly always in some way part of a chronic illness or allergies. He discusses the role if fungus in arthitis, digestion, respiratory disorders, depression, skin probloms, hearth health, allergies, womens health, and pain.

Kaufmann discusses the need for more doctors to study myocology (the study of fungus). He just like Dr. Hymann, and Dr. Liponis of Ultra-prevention believes the big pharmaceutical companies are destoying our health and are only concerned about keeping people sick for their profits. Healthy people are not profitable for pharmaceutical companies, remember that!! Kaufmann actual states that a lot of antibotics used by well meaning Doctors can indeed infect patients with a fungus. This then in turn can lead to a casade of other seemingly non-related health problems.

Kaufmann closes the book off with his Phase 1 and Phase 2 diet programs to eliminate a fungal infection. Fungus thrive on sugar, so Kaufmanns diet program is very similar to a Paleo type diet. Kaufmann states that for the most part, this diet had cured or at least relieved to a great degree his patients symptoms, and/or allegies.

This is a great book, and yet another I would highly recommed. I will be ordering his Vol 2 & 3 books soon.

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