Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Audiobook Review: Why We Get Fat

This book seems to be a big disscussion within the fitness and nutrition industry at the moment.

My take on the book is that Taubes does make some interesting points, some that I agree with and some that Im not so sure of.

Taubes believes that we dont get fat from overeating, but we overeat because we are getting fat. He believes that obesity is a metobolic disease, not a psychological disorder. He believes also that insulin is the key hormone that than regulates our fat tissue, and keeps us fat.

He believes that exercise will actually make you fatter, as exercise makes you more hungry. Now for the most part I believe he is referring to aerobic type exercise and not so much strength training.

He believes that even the sugar from fruit may drive fat gain.

So basically Taubes believes that everyone should just eat protein, fat, and green plants, veg, nuts and seeds. Fruit may not be a great choice for very overweight people as it will still rise blood sugar, not as much as glucose, but it still will.

My Take

I am a proponent of a lower carb diet for most. In my mind their are essential amino acids and fatty acids, but there are no essential carbs. Also just thinking logically about what we ate as hunter-gathers, diets consisting of more protein, fat, plants, berries, nuts (fat) and seeds, would lead you to believe that we have not been designed to comsume processed carbs, or grains (yet?).

I think the fruit argument is fair. If you are someone looking to get really lean, then maybe limiting fruit with alot of sugar is a good call, or when someone is in the initial stages of a diet. But for the general population I would recommend they all get more fruit into their diet. I guess I would recommend not to have late in the evening, and if so eat it with a protein source to slow its absorption.

I think the exercise argument is something Im not so sure about. Now aerobic exercise is low on the fat loss hierarchy, and from what I understand this is what Taubes is talking about. If he believes that aerobic exercises has little effect on fat loss, than I would say I wouldnt disagree with. But Strength training and interval training to me difinitely can contribute to fat loss. I think Alwyn Cosgroves Results Fitness is living proof of this, along with a lower-carb diet.

All in all I think it is an interesting read/listen, and I would recommend it.

Here are some videos of Taubes discussing some of the his thoughts and opinions from his new book "Why we get Fat".




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  1. hi lad, how may carbs do you recommend a day

  2. First off you are asking the wrong guy.

    Nutrition is an area I love to study, but I am by no means an expert within the field.

    How many carbs would depend on so many factors - goals, age, metabolic type, training days verse non-training days, etc.

  3. Cheers robbie anyway. I guess that was how long is a piece of string questions