Friday, March 11, 2011

Back To The Grind Stone!

Well after a great 8 days back at MBSC, I arrived home yesterday at 5.30am. I didnt do much yesterday. I was pleasantly suprise by how the facility was kept while I was away. I need to thank all the lads and "Pat the Bar Man" for looking after it.

Since coming home My phone has been pretty much non-stop. Good to see I was missed. Even yesterday I trained the great Denise Masterson in my jet-lagged state.

Anyway I Uploaded a boatload of videos up on my channel from my time at MBSC. Cheak them out if you want here

And here are some of the photos from my trip:

Stay Strong,



  1. Why no picture of the legend that is Sam Dadd?

  2. Sam cannot be captured by modern photography. Kind of like Bigfoot or the Lockness monster.