Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Patience My Friends, Patience!!

Most of us are impatient. We want things now, not tomorrow, and especially not in a few weeks, or months. Unfortunlately when it comes to getting bigger, stronger , and faster you are going to need patience.

I see it all the time with both athletes and coaches. Athletes in the weight room use too much weight too soon, and coaches get their athletes doing too much too soon. We need to stop being so narrow-sighted, and stop just thinking about the now, and begin to start thinking about the tomorrow.

I tell my guys all the time in the initial phase of strength training, "work your technique, and you will have it for the rest of your life". Then you can start to load yourself and focus on getting bigger, stronger, faster, without having to worry about any risk with regards to technical execution of a particular exercise.

Guys say things like. "n four weeks I want......."FOUR WEEKS mate, how about four YEARS!!

So have some patience with regards to advancing your training. Get brilliant at the basics first. You need to crawl before you walk, and walk before you run.

Now with regards to coaches.

You see, or hear this all the time. "We going to run the shit out of the lads". Really! Thats a great idea. Take a group of lads who move like shit, are a weak as shit, and run them into the ground. Can anyone else get that smell?? Smells like............ INJURIES!

Whats needs to be put in place in a foundation. How many times does it need to be said. But this is how it usually goes:

- Athlete has terrible movement quality.

- Athlete has never been on a well coached and structured strength program. Because of this the athlete ends up doing exercises that only make his or her body more imbalance.

- Enhancing these imbalances makes the athletes movement quality worse again

- The athlete now compensates to accomplish all movement patterns due to poor movement quality, and this can end up making the athlete look de-conditioned. When in fact the issue is a movement quailty issue, and not a conditioning issue.

- Coach nows runs shit out of athlete, but the athlete does not have the movement quality and in turn the durability to withstand the training volume.

- Athlete gets injured

So athletes and coaches I am asking you, have some patience with your training. Get the basics spot on and take it from there.

Stay Strong,

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  1. Well put Robbie, I'm constantly trying to train for the 4 week goal, it works sometimes but the rebound is always worse.