Saturday, October 23, 2010

This is for "BUNKIE"

Today was my Testing day, or as Eric Cresseys calls it Moving day.

I have put a solid ten months of strength training in this year. I experimented with Joe DeFrancos Westside for Skinny bastards for 12 weeks at the start of the year and have to say I made big gains. Then experimented with Wendlers 531 for 12 weeks, and the last 12 I experimented with self designed program influenced by Eric Cresseys Maximum Strength.

So, you guys are still probably wondering about the title. Who is "BUNKIE". Bunkie is Steve Bunker, a strength and conditioning coach at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. He runs Mikes second facility at North Androver, MA. Think about the coolest guy in the world that you know, and that is who Steve is.

When I interned at MBSC, Steve looked after me from day one. He bought me a bicycle, so I would not have to walk to the facility. He also had me over for thanks giving dinner with his family.

Last June of this year, me, Cedric Unholz, and another friend of mine Stephen Bennett tavelled to Rhode Island to the Perform Better Summit. Who do you think gave us housing, food, and transport over those few days in Boston. Thats right, Bunkie. To put into words what Bunkie did for the three of us that week would not do him and his family justice.

So, I dedicated my testing day today to Bunkie. His passion for strength training, powerlifting, and his family is an inspiration. He is the reason I wanted to be stronger. When I was over last June Steve was preparing fro a meet, and we all went to North Androver to do a lift. Steve's two sons Drew, and Craig came is well to lift. I was so envious of Drew, and Craig. I would love to be able to go to the gym to lift with my father.

Steve walks the walk. His trains hard, eats well, gets to bed early, is up a the crack of dawn to train athletes and clients, and makes his family his number one priority.

These lifts are for you Bunkie:

190kg Deadlift


145Kg Squat


40kg Chin Up x 2


I also tested my bench and got 107.5kg but the camera died!

Stay Strong,



  1. I love everything about this blog post!!!! I will have to send this to bunkie

  2. I cant watch any of the videos. also widen your page so you can see the whole thing. Great job robbie.

  3. They definitely play for me.

    I didnt even try to widen the page.

    How do I do it?

    Thanks Jamie.

  4. I don't know you or Bunkie but those chinups were bad ass.

  5. Love it Robbie. I have the pleasure of working with Bunk on a daily basis up in NA. He's a beast and so are you great lifts!

  6. Good work Robbie. I did Westside for Skinny Bastards for my last year in college, good program. Then a season of hurling got in the way. Have been doing 531 for the last few weeks, still trying to get the no. of reps right. How many reps were hitting on the last sets, keeping them as close to 5,3, or 1 as possible or going a little higher?

  7. Of the 3 experiences, which did you enjoy most? I did 5 months of Cressey programming earlier in the year (his regular guy off season program followed by show and go (as a tester)) and since then have enjoyed using the 5/3/1 template.

    I experienced good results with Eric's programming, but I just love the simplicity of the 5/3/1 philosophy, I change me assistance based on needs every 4 weeks, and it works great.

    Oh and what is your bodyweight, very similar lifts to me, and I weight ~90kg at 177cm.