Thursday, April 29, 2010

Todays Training Session!

Max Lower Body Day

Foam Roll - You know yourself

Stretch - Hip Flexors

Single Hip Lifts 2x10secs
Feet Elevated Scap Push Ups x10
Feet Elevated Push Ups x10
Wall Slides x10

Ankle Mobility x10
Leg Swing x10
Reaching SLDL x5 Each Leg
Quadruped T-Spine Rotations x10
Static Spiderman x5 Each Leg
Squat to Stand x5
Alternating Lunge Matrix x5 Each Way

Dynamic Warm Up (Linear today):
Knee Hug
Heel to Butt and Reach
Inch Worm
Heels Up (Butt kickers)
Knees Up
Straight Leg Skip

Plyo's and Medball:
Plyo: Single Leg Hops Continuous 2x5

Medball: OH throw with step 2x10 (5 each leg),
& Standing side throw with step 2x10 (each side)

Total Warm Up Time: 15mins

Strength Session:

A1: Deadlift 7x1 @ 90%
A2: Standing T-Spine Rotations 6x10

B1: Clean Grip RFE Split Squat 3x5
B2: Plank Row 2x10

C1: Barbell RDL 2x12
C2: Standing Isometric Pallof Press with band 2x2x10secs/5secs


4 Rounds:
Burpees x15
Split Squat Jumps x16 (8 Each Leg)
T-Push Ups x16 (8 Each Side)
Star Jumps x15

Rest: 60secs

Stay Strong:


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