Sunday, November 22, 2009

I am Finished!!

Yesterday I officially finished my MBSC internship. Boy that was a fast ten weeks. So you are all probably wondering, what was it like? How much did you learn? How much money did you spend? Where did you live? Did you have transport? What is Mike Boyle really like? Was it worth it?

Well.......... Here you go

How much did I learn?
I touched on this in my previous post. I didn’t learn much from a scientific standpoint, but a lot from a real world, practical stand point. I have become a much better coach with logistics. I have become much better when dealing with varied types of personalities, and boy are there varied personalities at MBSC! So becoming better at dealing with large groups, and having to adjust things on the fly (injured athletes, space available)is what I think I learned the most

How much money did you spend?
Not much! Flights were cheap (Thank you Aer Lingus!). Housing is free. So, all you need money for is food. Ah Stop and Shop!!

Where did you live?
I lived (still am as I write this) in an apartment in Woburn. I am about a 10 minute cycle from the facility. It is a nice apartment, has everything you need. Even your own crazy neighbour from Russia!!!!Plus did I mention that it is rent free. Thanks guys!

Did you have transport?
Not when I came, but thanks to Steve Bunker I got a bike (bicycle that is, not the motor type). Thanks for that bike Bunkie, now will you please do something about those white socks you wear when you train :-)

What is Mike Boyle really like?
I also touched on this on my previous post. The man is not just a legend of a coach, but a legend of a person. He let me sit in on his mentorship. He got me a spot at the Cressey/Reinold seminar, and wait for it, he give me FSC 3.0 for free. What a guy. He is also always very approachable and always willing to give advice but also will always listen to your opinion on things. Thanks for everything Mike. Also I think it is worth mentioning Mike’s partner in crime Bob Hanson. If you ever get the chance to intern at MBSC, and if you are like me, an Irish F-bomb, and strength and conditioning nerd who will work hard, you will love Bob Hanson, because he will look after you. He is truly a great guy.

Was it worth it?

I am not heading back home for another two and a half weeks. So I hope to get some more time with John Pallof. I also hope to get to BU with Mike. Got to keep learning baby! Everyday!


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