Sunday, May 1, 2011

A visit from Strength Coaches Cedric Unholz and Barry Kinsella

Saturday I was delighted to be visited by my great friend and fellow stength coach/manual thearpist Cedric Unholz, as well as meeting fellow strength coach and Irishman Barry Kinsella for the first time.

Barry is the owner of East Coast Barbell in Bray. A fanastic facility for anyone from the east coast area of the country to go and train.

It was pretty busy at the facility when the guys came, so it was hard to get a proper chat going. But it was still great to see Cedric, and Barrys Donny Shankle impressions were priceless. I will definitely be taking Barry up on his offer to visit East Coast Barbell in the near future.

Stay Strong,

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