Friday, March 12, 2010

Book Review: Metabolic Typing Diet

This is a book that I have been meaning to read for a long time. I finally got my hands on this book last month.

One Mans Food is another Mans Poison!
The basic premise of this book is that everyone is an individual with their own unique biochemical make-up. Thus everyone needs different nutritional requirements for optimal health. What is good nutrition for one person, will not be optimal for a second person, and may make a third person sick! One mans food is another mans poison.

Modern medicine is a symptoms based model.
The book talks about how modern medicine is a symptoms based model. By this Wolcott means instead of your doctor getting to the under lying cause of WHY you have the symptoms you have, they just give you a drug (with a lot of side effects) to cover up the symptoms.
He also said the alternative medicine has the exact same problem. Instead of prescribing you a drug, they just prescribe a herb or vitamin to slove your symptoms. Again this is not getting to the under lying cause of your illness.

Autonomic dominance and Fast and Slow Oxidizers
Wolcott talks about peoples biochemistry being dicated by what branch of the autonomic nervous system dominantes their make-up: symphatic or para-symphatic.
He goes on to talk about another important issue that dicates an indivduals biochemical make-up. Is the person a fast oxidizer, or slow oxidizer. By this he means that fast oxidizers digest food at a faster rate then a slow oxidizer. Thus, this means that a fast oxidizer does better eating food that takes longer to digest (eg. protein). While a slow oxidizer would do better with foods that take a shorter time to digest (eg.carbs).

The 3 Metabolic Types
Wolcott talks about the 3 types that people fall into. The Protein type, Carbo type, and Mixed Type. Proein type: more protein and fat than carbs. Carbo type: more carbs then protein and fat. Mixed type: equal amounts of carbs to protein and fat. He also says that with these 3 types that everyone is still different and individual. For instance, you may have two Protein types in front of you, but one of them might be better at handling carbs then the other. Therefore even though both are protein types, there marconutrient (Protein,carbs,fats) ratios would be different.

There are a lot of ways to fine tune your optimal diet, that Wolcott goes over in the book. I won't get into here as I would be writing about it all day.

I think that this is a great read, even though at times it made me very depressed. By this I mean, it seems that so many people are ill, chronically ill, dying, dead, or on medications. It seems a lot of this could be avoided if people just ate better, exercised (proper exercise NOT jogging and destroying your joints) more, and just had a overall better lifestyle.

Doctors (not all, but the majority), just treat symptoms with drugs with huge side-effects. The quality of are food has decreased drastly over the last century. Sugar (especially high-corn fructose syrup) is prevalent in so many foods. Obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression is out of control. See what I mean about depressing.

Things a took away from the book:
  • Everyone has individual nutrtional needs
  • Eat all 3 marconutrients at every meal (eat a protein, a carb, a fat)
  • Limit startchy carb intake. Although carbos types can handle more startchy carbs, they still should not over do it on the startchy carbs
  • 4 things that can lead to pain and illness: biomechanical (posture), biochemical (nutrition), psyhcosocial (emotional well being), Enviroment (friends, family, work, where you live
  • Most medications do more harm than good

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