Monday, December 28, 2009

35 Things I learned in 2009!

1. The Sleeper stretch is over prescribed – Mike Reinold:
When looking at the ROM of the shoulder, don’t just look at internal ROM, look at total ROM.

2. Overhead Press in the Scapula Plane – Rob Panariello:
When overhead pressing, keep your arm in the scapula plane. Think of bringing your upper arm beside your ear.

3. Make sure you have adequate upward rotation to overhead press – Rob Panariello/ Eric Cressey:
To continue on from point 2, if you are going overhead press your athletes or clients make sure they have adequate upward rotation.

4. Keep a vertical shin if you have patella-femoral pathology – Charlie Weingroff:
Keeping a vertical shin can allow athletes/client with patella-femoral pathology to effectively train their lower body in a lot of cases.

5. The hip Flexors are huge in Low Back Pain – NMT course:
This is where Positional Releases Techniques can be ideally used.

6. Mobility before Stability – Charlie Weingroff/ Gray Cook:
It is very important that all joints know their full ROM of motion. You need full joint mobility to be able to have sufficient stability. This is how we came into the world as babies. First we had mobility, and then we had to earn our stability.

7. Lumbar Flexion is NOT bad – Charlie Weingroff/ Nick Tumminello:
Lumbar flexion is not bad as a MOVEMENT, but it is still bad as an EXERCISE

8. The government don’t give a shit about what is been put into our food!

9. Muscle and Fascia are inseparable – Leon Chaitow/Judith DeLany.

10. TRX’s are well worth the investment

11. Nobody cares how you know, until they know how much you care – Mike Boyle

12. Three things to look at when someone has pain – Biomechanical, Biochemical, or Psychosocial – Chaitow/DeLany

13. The body really is one piece – Don Kelley:
I know we all know this, but this point was really driven home, when Don Kelley showed a study that showed when something is struck in between your teeth this can lead to SIJ dysfunction!!

14. Conjugate Periodization (Is it the Best Method?)

15. Nutrition drives fat loss, not exercise:
You will never work off a bad diet.

16. Grip strength is crucial to shoulder stability – Gray Cook/Brett Jones

17. Intermitted Fasting is not a bad thing – Brad Pilon

18. The Bench Press is a total Body Lift – Jim ‘Smithy’ Smith

19. Tear the floor apart with your feet when deadlifting – I can’t remember?

20. Watch out for cervical hyperextension when performing certain exercises – Eric Cressey

21. Never extend your elbow on an anterior tilted scapula – Eric Cressey

22. Pec Minors are the devil – Me!!

23. Have a system in place – Nick Winkleman

24. Kettlebells are vastly different than dumbbells and are far superior for some exercises – Me

25. Hip Lifts – Bret Contreras

26. Some people are just not built to squat – Dr. Stuart McGill

27. Shirley Sahrmann is a legend – Me
Even though I still think you need to perform soft tissue work, and other therapies (ie. Muscle Energy, Positional Release, and Myofascial Release Techniques , as well as the movement therapy that Sahrmann prescribes too.

28. Drawing in might be needed for some:
For some patients with chronic back pain, drawing in may be still very important in the early stages of rehab. Then after this initial stage you can teach them to brace (or not? Depending on who’s opinion you believe).

29. McGills 5 stages - Dr. Stuart McGill:
1. Corrective perturbed motions
2. Build Endurance
3. Build total body stability
4. Build strength
5. Build Power and agility

30. The first 30m of a 100m sprint relies on max strength, and the strength of your glutes , and your vastus group of your quads. After 30m your performance relies on the elasticity of your bi-articular muscles (hamstrings, rectus femoris, and gastrocmienus) to produce and re –use elastic energy – Klomp/Bosch.

31. Grass feed beef has just as much omega 3 content as cold water fish – Dr. Loren Cordain

32. Vitamin D is important

33. Fish Oil is important

34. Breathing dysfunctions are very common and can cause a lot of problems if left unresolved (e.g depressed immune system) – Leon Chaitow

35. High Fructose Corn Syrup is poison


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